Stone walkway
stone walkway and retaining wall
stone staircase

Landscaping with Stone
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This Heartwood Landscapes client was tired of dealing with a chronically malfunctioning hot tub next to their existing swimming pool. We removed the hot tub and installed a stone waterfall that also serves to bring growing plants onto the pool deck. It was a nice solution for a recurring problem.

In this complete outside landscape renovation, our stone walkways enhance existing fencing and provide mud-free paths among the planting beds. Stacked-stone borders and a stone staircase set off the back of this cottage home.

 We also installed extensive brick walkways and large planting beds at the front of the property, with trees, shrubs, perennials and ground cover to add elegance -- and ease lawn mowing chores.

Gate and stonework
Stone walkway
Stone walkway to the pool
Stone work in the backyard
Stone steps
Pool side stone fountain and planter

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stone walk and edging walls
stonework retaining wall
stonework fountain and planter